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[dropcaps]W[/dropcaps]hether you are new to designing and implementing your website or have an existing site that is simply not giving you a return on your investment, we can help you by offering you a unique approach that is proven to support you achieve your goals;
  • work out your website needs quickly and effectively
  • get your business online within the tightest timescale
  • ensure your site is aligned to match your business growth
We offer a dedicated and accessible approach to creating your web presence in the form of WordPress-powered websites and blogs. Developers within the WordPress community have put thousands of hours into creating the WordPress platform and it is with gratitude and confidence that we are able to help make it part of your business.

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Here are the main advantages you too will experience with a wordpress-powered website as confirmed by our clients:
  • The facility to have 100% control over managing your own site.
That’s right, this means you make your content, offers, news, events, photographs, videos, podcasts etc.
  • Create a contact form, change the date of a workshop.
  • Add an extra paragraph to your front page, a new product, a Paypal button.
  • Update some photographs, add a video welcome, publish an interview.
We’ll show you how to drive the WordPress Dashboard (a private web page where you manage your site) and we’ll hold your hand every step of the way so that you can quickly control exactly what’s on your site and can update it by yourself whenever you want.
  • Keep your web visitors coming back for more.
With WordPress, you can use all the latest advantages of Web 2.0 technology (social media, networking, SEO, stats etc.) without having to become an IT specialist. We’ll help you choose the widgets and options to make your site engaging and dynamic, and help you develop a manageable content schedule to maximise the time and effort you put into your site over the coming year.
  • Grow your site organically over time.
Daunted by the idea of spending hours developing pages and pages of ‘perfect’ marketing copy? Been trying to get your website done for months already and still don’t have a website? Or worse, have one you don’t want to show anyone?
Our sites are totally flexible – start with even a single page if that suits you and then decide as you go along what pages to add and what to delete. Build your site step-by-step as and when your schedule allows. We also recommend asking your clients for feedback as you grow the site – what works, what doesn’t?  Let them help you do the hard work!


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